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FR-400 continuous freezer are designed for ice-cream and gelato pruduction with adjustable overrun between 20 and 120% permitting the production of industrial and artisan ice-cream. A special pump , as optional , is available for tiny fruit seeds.

Capacity : 400 Lt/h

Power : 9.2 kW

Touch Screen Control Pannel : Mask for setting and adjusting elf-diagnosis function and the following parameters :  


The range of continuous freezers have been studied to make ice-cream with the desired overrun of even more than 100%.

The plant is composed of:

refrigerating compressor inside the machine

dasher with scraping blades in stainless steel

speed variator with inverter and display indicator of hourly production

pressure gauge for cylinder

high and low pressure gauge for refrigerating plant

adjustable device for hot gas

refrigerating Gas R404


Dimensions : Width : 720 mm,  Depth: 1670 mm, Height: 1400 mm