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Pasteurised milk is cooled down to the coagulation temperature through Cooling Plate Heat Exchanger and the milk is transfered into GÜLER Coagulation Vats, where all the inoculation/coagulation/curd breaking/moulding and curd pressing/syneresis steps are performed.
Here the milk is inoculated with calcium chloride and rennet or any other preferred additives. After inoculation, bactiral activity and proteolytic activity increases inside the milk and acidity increases; which means pH decreases.
Control of pH/acidity is the most critical step for catching the best time for cutting the curd and ending coagulation period. 
Insufficient or extra increase on milk pH will cause unwanter results on the textural and aromatic propertioes of final product; just like bitterness ot soft texture, eye formation and etc..
   SS AISI304
   1000 Lt, 1250 Lt, 1500 Lt
  Body Thickness
   2,5 mm
Other Accessories
   4 Draining Plate (1 for each edge)
   3 Pressing Plate
   Outlet Connection