Ürünler / Yoğurt Üretim Hattı Meyveli Yoğurt Tankı

After the fermentation process is completed, yoghurt can be directly sent to filling unit as the final step. In case of producing special types of yoghurt like aromatic types or yoghurt with fruit particles inside, all ingredients are mixed in GÜLER Mixing Tanks, just before filling unit.

The required ingredients, which can be a powder aroma or visible pieces of different fruits up to 10-15 mm sizes, are added into yoghurt and tank agitators let them homogeniously being dispersen inside the yoghurt.

Tank has to be equipped with scrapper on bottom and sides for preventing product loss.


Capacity      : Min. 500 lt-h    Max. 1000 lt-h

Application : Dairy, Juice, Beverage, Distellery, Food plants and etc..

Material      : AISI304 – AISI316 Stainless Steel

Agitator Motor : 1,1 kW – 3,0 kW

Scrappers (Bottom and Sides)

Heating Type : Steam/Electrical (Optional)

CIP Ball, Manhole Cover, Ledder