Ürünler / Dondurma Üretimi Miks Hazırlama ve Pastörizasyon Tankı

GÜLER Mix Preperation/Pre Heating Tanks are installed for blending powder or liquid ingredients prior to the processing og mainly Ice Cream, Puding, Concentrated Milk Products, Analog Milk Products.
While the water or milk is being heated slowly, proper ingredients are added manually into the tank through 450 opening cover over the tank. Agitator top motor continously works for dispersin the ingredients homogeniously during all heating period.
In some cases, Mixing Tank can be equipped with a Tri Blender or a high-shear mixer, by which the mix is circulated continously.
After Mixing/Pre Heating is completed, the resulted solution is homogenised and can be further pasteurised with a second Mix Heating Tank (Batch Method) or a Plate Pasteuriser (Continious Method)
Equipment : Ice Cream Mixing/Pre-Heating / Psteurisation Tank
·         Capacity      : Min. 300 lt    Max. 20000 lt-h
·         Application : Ice Cream, Puding, Concentrated/Condensed Milk, Sweetened Condensed Milk, Analog yoghurt Processing
·         Material      : AISI304 Stainless Steel
·         Agitator Motor : 0,75 kW – 3,0 kW
·         Equipped with Scrapper for preventing product loss.
·         Heating and Cooling Jacketed
·         Heating Type : Steam/Electrical (Optional)
·         Food Grade Design
·         Hygienic standard for liquid transfer
·         Better Surface Finish for less frictional losses
·         Adjustable Legs
·         CIP Ball, Ledder
·         Milk Inlet/Outlet Connections
·         Customised design for product type for processing viscous products
Optional dispenser for powder dissolving