Ürünler / Dondurma Üretimi Miks Olgunlaştırma Tankı

The pasteurised Ice Cream Mix is cooled and pumped into a chilled tank for aging. Ageing is mostly required for fats crystallization and desorption of milk proteins from the milk fat globules.

It is obvious that it would be desirable for production efficiency to be able to freeze the product directly after pasteurization. However, aging improves the quality of the final product.. The cooling to less than 4 0C.

GÜLER Ageing Tanks are designed with a cooling jacket, by which the chilled water from Chiller Unit keeps the mix at 4-6 0C for 8-12 hours.

Agitators contınıously mixes the product with a slow motion until ageing stage is completed. You can instantly check the temperature inside the tank through the control pannel and adjust when needed.

Scrappers of the tank prevents product loss during discharge and helps to agitate the mix homogeniously as well.

  1. Capacity : 300 Lt > 30,000 Lt
  2. Material : AISI304 / AISI316
  3. Roll Bond Jacketed (Heating/Cooling)
  4. Agitator Motor; 0-50 rpm
  5. Side/Bottom Scrapper for preventing product loss
  6. Conical bottom plate for easy product discharging
  7. 45▫ opening top cover, CIP Ball, Support Leg, Discharge Valve